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Hanah "Yak Butter Tea"

"Yak Butter Tea" follows Hanah Life founder Joe Einhorn through the exotic Kingdom of Bhutan on his never ending quest for ancient health remedies from around the world. Shot on location in remote villages and the seldom seen back roads of Bhutan, providing the film with a truly authentic feeling. Produced by Justin Bastien Productions for great people at Hanah Life.


Client: Hanah Life
Production: Justin Bastien Productions
Director/DP: Justin Bastien
Editor: Matt Dunlap - General Editorial
Color: Beau Leon - Framestore
Music: Sonam Dorji - Folkways Music

Tags: hanah, photography, motion, digital, campaign, Justin Bastien, photographer, social, media, Bhutan, tourism cycling, mountain, Himalayas, film, travel, documentary, tea, yak, butter