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Justin Bastien Featured in "Behind the Lens"

Not many people know the intense journey behind the perfect shot, especially in the world of adventure photography. We only see the finished product in our Instagram feeds or in our favorite magazine, but “Project: Behind the Lens” exposes the incredible journey to capturing a flawless image in the most stunning and unexpected of places. The journey to the perfect shot begins with a single step.


In episode 1 of this 3-part series, we follow adventure photographer Justin Bastien and freediver Kimi Werner as they journey across the island of Kauai in one of the most challenging environments, in search of the perfect underwater shot. In this first episode, we start to learn just how far photographers are willing to go — physically, emotionally and spiritually — for the perfect shot.

A big thanks to Red Bull and Vans for putting this partnership together. It was an incredible project. I can't wait for the next one!


Client: Red Bull and Vans
Agency: Red Bull
Creative: Vanda Gyuris, Philip Boston
Producer: Vanda Gyuris
Director: Philip Boston
Photographer: Justin Bastien

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