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Microsoft's "Do More" Campaign

In November, Microsoft launched their worldwide Instagram tour. The #DoMore campaign covered 29 shoots in 10 countries with over 40,000 miles of travel to capture inspiring people breaking boundaries around the world in their fields. Justin Bastien shot diverse stories ranging from shark diving in New Zealand to graffiti artists in the city, and various locations from ice covered mountaintops to the jungles of Borneo. The campaign is shared across all their social media platforms and continues to grow with each picture reaching over 12 million viewers.

After 3 months traveling the world, Bastien had many new experiences and a wide variety of subject matter to add to his already adventurous portfolio. He climbed Mt. Baldy with ice axes and crampons to shoot a 12 year-old boy who aspires to climb the Seven Summits. He went from spending time in New Zealand with fashion bloggers to shooting underwater with shark advocate Riley Scott and plenty of hungry sharks- no cage included! Each shoot brought on its’ own challenges, but Bastien was able to capture the story of each subject. 

View images from the Microsoft Do More Campaign.


Justin Bastien