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Red Bull "NASA"

What a pleasure it was to work with the wonderful team at NASA and Red Bull for a recent story on how astronauts train for space travel. It was a lifelong dream to visit the Johnson Space Center and interview these incredible people who are truly exploring the most wild places imaginable. 


Once of my favorite quotes was from Chief Astronaut Chris Cassidy that went something like this “while looking out of the window in the space station back at earth, I realized planet earth is a space ship too, it’s our fragile space ship we call home that we need to preserve and protect, just like the space station we currently call home ”. What a beautiful insight to have looking back at our home planet.


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Client: Red Bulletin
Agency: Red Bull
Creative: Rudi Ubelhor, Andreas Rottenschlager
Producer: Vanda Gyuris
Photographer: Justin Bastien

Tags: editorial, photography, motion, digital, campaign, Justin Bastien, photographer, social, media, space, NASA, Houston, film, astronauts 

Justin Bastien