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SAP “The Best Run” Campaign

When BBDO began searching for someone to partner with creatively on their new worldwide SAP project, Justin Bastien quickly became the front runner. The full media scope required one person to be able to shoot stills, video, aerial and drone footage seamlessly. Some of the locations and SAP business partners required a very small crew footprint.


Justin traveled from to South Africa, shooting on the ERP Rhino Preserve safari style, to South America, capturing the expanse and beauty of a wind farm in Brazil. Japan, India, Mexico and China were among the other countries that had partners needing to be represented in this global launch.

From the natural beauty surrounding Johannesburg to the full set build of an urban Japanese earthquake environment, every kind of scenario was enlisted to authentically portray the various businesses that partner with SAP. Helicopters, drones, diversified crew, elephants, rhinos and even cute, little kids were part of this expansive launch.

SAP partners worldwide with businesses that are dedicated to protecting the environment, endangered species, providing clean drinking water and keeping the integrity of each region by utilizing natural resources wherever possible.

The media covered, print, OOH, social/digital and broadcast.

Please take a look at the incredible work that has launched so far and look for more to come.


Client: SAP
Agency: BBDO NY
Creative: Tom Godici, Greg Ketchum, Kleber Mendes, Corey Rakowsky
Account Manager: Jesse Schwartz
Producer: Jasmine Batista
Director: Justin Bastien
Photographer: Justin Bastien

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Justin Bastien