Portraits of Dagga

National Science Foundation "Portraits of Dagaa"
Director: Justin Bastien
Director of Photography: Justin Bastien

While shooting on assignment in Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania for the National Science Foundation, I became inspired by the people and their connection to the lake. As a side project I wanted to document the lake and the peoples’ rhythmic connection to dagaa, the Swahili name for a small sardine-like fish and their primary food source. Their culture is shaped, their bellies filled, and their income subsidized by dagaa. Along the shores of Lake Tanganyika, dagaa is life and life is dagaa. 

More images can be viewed at http://www.justinbastien.com/photography/portraits-of-dagga/

2014 Toyota 4Runner Commercial

This was a super fun project to work on with Director Chris Malloy and the crew at Farm League for the new Toyota 4Runner. My good friend Troy Mothershead and I (featured in the commerical) got to have a blast outside, surfing, camping, rock climbing, off-roading and pretty much run wild with our good friends along the way to film it all. Another epic Farm League project!

Toyota 4Runner: "Keep it Wild"
Director: Chris Malloy
Director of Photography: August Thurmer
Production Company: Farm League

See more work from Chris Malloy on the Farm League website at http://www.farmleague.us/work/directors/chris-malloy/